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The Integrative Institute for Premenstrual Disorders supports Hormonology as a menstrual cycle tracking application that may be used in tandem with tracking your unique PMDD symptoms. Hormonology is a menstrual cycle tracker created by Gabrielle Lichterman.

Hormonology uses thousands of hormone studies to show you how your hormones impact virtually every aspect of your day—including your mood, energy, memory, love life, spending habits, sleep quality, food cravings and health.

It shows you how these hormonal effects repeat the same way cycle after cycle—so you can predict what your day will be like tomorrow, next week, a month or even a year from now.

Hormonology delivers this hormone information with a suite of useful tools, including Hormone Horoscope menstrual cycle tracker apps, Hormonology Guides and videos. You pick the tools that work best for you, then use them to learn all the ways you’re being impacted your monthly hormones—and how to maximize their benefits and overcome their challenges.

While Hormonology is not PMDD specific, it is a menstrual cycle tracker that can be used in tandem with tracking your unique symptoms and may provide deeper insights into your moods expression!

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