PMDD Positive


What is The PMDD Positive Movement?

PMDD positive is a movement started supported by the Integrative Institute for PMDD and was born on the observation that much hope was lacking in our beautiful PMDD community. While awareness is essential for the forward movement of our mission and better understanding this condition, we’ve observed the perpetuation of hopelessness. Hopelessness begets hopelessness just as love begets love. We believe there is a cure. We believe that cure exists within you already!

PMDD positive is a movement by you for you! It’s a chance to stand tall and express the many gifts PMDD has offered you. Many individuals following an integrative approach dedicated to deeper healing tend to eventually find themselves in a place that exists a deep sense of self love, self compassion, self acceptance and self worthiness! Communication skills get better and many individuals experiencing PMDD symptoms have felt honoured to be part of such a beautiful community.

Our mission with the PMDD positive movement is to: Spread hope - change the paradigm. While we honour and acknowledge the depth of darkness that exists within during the luteal phase (trust me, we get it!) we also want to shed light and celebrate the richness that PMDD brings to our lives!

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Join the movement - Shift the Paradigm!