Our mission is to ensure menstruating individuals have access to integrative learning materials to ensure the appropriate diagnosis, successful treatment and sufficient social support for reproductive mood disorders.


Our vision is to observe a 100% reduction of premenstrual mood disorder related suicides in all individuals diagnosed with PMDD or PME.


IIPMDD believes full relief of PMDD and PME symptoms is attainable. To achieve our efforts in actualizing our mission and realizing in our vision, IIPMDD will:

  • Support research efforts in the field of epidemiology and treatment of premenstrual mood disorders.

  • Increase national awareness of reproductive mood disorders. 

  • Reduce the stigma of reproductive mood disorders.

  • Provide access to Premenstrual Disorder educational tools and opportunities.

  • Provide access to a national peer support network for all menstruating individuals. 

  • Ensure clinicians know the symptoms and diagnosis criteria of PMDD and PME.

  • Work with provincial governments to implement standardized practices for the treatment of PMDD and PME.



"A healthy menstrual cycle should serve as beautiful and celebrated part of being a woman. Never should this natural cycle affect the lives of individuals so severely that suicide is a seemingly rational option. We will not stop until effective treatment is found and every individual diagnosed with PMDD is symptom free."

— Katie Bigras, Founder & President